Teddy coat love

Teddy coat Biljana Pupovac Teddy coat Biljana Pupovac

Time for a new look with a lot of struggle… hahah.

A few months ago when I was in Amsterdam I spotted this teddy coat at the H&M flagship store. I needed it that moment even it was like 30 degrees. But then I saw that the smallest size they had was 38, way to big for me. I decided to fit the coat, but then I realized it was also an oversized model. What a bummer. I tried to call all shops but all small sizes were sold out. So I decided to keep an eye on the webshop. I looked everyday, but i waited and waited. About two weeks ago it finally came on the webshop, but I was to late. I think it sold out in one hour. OMG NO!! How could I?? For a few days I was seriusly sad, because I put so much energy into it.

But I knew the coat was popular and people would buy more than one piece and sell it for a bigger price. Then my lucky day came. I found the jacket on Marktplaats (a dutch website where people sell their own stuff). I send a mail to the seller. I got a mail back really fast. And then the funny part. The girl who was selling the jacket in my size was my boyfriends colleague. She accidentally ordered two jackets in the same size. I send him a message he had to convince her to sell me the jacket because the bids on the coat went higher and higher. But she was so kind to sell me the jacket for a normal price. I couldn’t be happier that moment. It’s my new favorite coat and it is so warm! I like the oversized look and the color fits with everything.

  • My flared leggings are from Topshop. Unfortunattly they were sold out really fast. But you can get a lot of similar flared leggings at Subdued (they only have a shop in Amsterdam).
  • Shoes are the Nowles boot by Isabel Marant. They are so comfy and warm for the winter. I always got ice-cold feet and these are fully lined with wool to keep your feet warm.
  • The cropped turtleneck is from Supertrash via Semoda. Use ‘BILJANA’ to get 10% off your order.


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