Zadig & Voltaire; This is her


How do you start your day? I started mine with a this shower gel, bodylotion and parfume that I won from a giveaway from Style Today. It’s always a difficult job for me to choose a new scent. I always got a few favorites that I buy again when they get empty. There is so much choice and it’s hard to find the perfect parfume, so it is easy to chose the ones you had.

I always choose something that is sweet and fresh. And I have different bottles for summer, colder days and even for a night out. I like to use Chloe and Juicy Couture for spring and summer. For a night out or diner I like to use Jimmy Choo.

When I got the Zadig & Voltaire package I couldn’t wait to open the box and try it out. And YES! It was a perfect scent for me. Sweet and fresh. And it was also a eau de parfum. This is what I prefer, because it lasts longer and the smell is better. The bottles have a clean an fresh look and the eau de parfum bottle reminds me of a broken piece of ice.

As you can guess the shower gel and bodylotion smell the same. They are both very hydrating and give you such a fresh feeling. Definitely a must-have for the cold days when your skin needs more care. And you never have to be afraid you don’t smell the fragrance when you use these three!

Now it is my everyday scent… Try it yourself!

Big kisses

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