Happy in Levi’s

Hi babes,

As some of you already know I got a new job at a Levi’s store in Den Bosch. It is not my fulltime job, because I still study. Before I started this job I only had one pair of Levi’s shorts that I live in during summer. They are so great and still the same even If I have them for about 5 years now.

When I started to work one of the asignments was to fit all the jeans we have in store so I can give the best advice to costumers. This was when I discovered that the jeans are amazing. As many of you know a few months ago Kylie Jenner posted a picture on Instagram of the Levi’s Wedgie fit jeans. She claimed the jeans would give you the perfect bum. And which women would’t want that? Unfortunately I couldn’t fit them because it is not  yet in the collection.

One day I had to work in Nijmegen and there whey do have them. I tried them on and I was instantly in love, so I had to buy them. The only thing I had to get used to was the denim. There is no stretch in it like the most jeans nowadays. But after a few hours it was amazing. The pants give you so much support. The cut bottom was also very nice for me because I am not very tall, even though I had to cut them just a little bit more to create the perfect length for me. Now I want to sleep in them!! So in love…

I am wearing my beloved Levi’s Wedgie fit, my t-shirt is from Ralph Lauren and my pretty glitter shoes  are from Superga.

I hope you had a great monday!



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