Hotspot; George No.5

Can’t believe it is such nice weather in Holland these days. Because it’s my last week off this summer I went to the beach with my bff. I heard a lot of great things about George No.5 in Zandvoort, so we decided to take a visit. It was a 1,5 hour drive by car (we went from Den Bosch). We were so happy when we finally got there. Beautiful people, sun and the beach. What do you need more?

Unfortunately we couldn’t hire a bed in the beginning because it was very busy, so we lay down on the beach. It was oke, but I hate when the sand gets everywhere haha.. It was a very hot day so we went to the water a few times to cool off. The water was freezing cold brrrr…

Later on the day we saw some girls were leaving, so we were able to hire a bed (€10 p.p.) on the terrace. We had some drinks a we ate a delicious caesar salad (€14). There was a great Ibiza vibe with good music and an amazing view. And the main; we got a pretty tan.

George No.5 also has two beautiful swimming pools. Precisely on the day we went, they were closed because of a private party. That was a bummer 😦

I am wearing Levi’s shorts. My top is from H&M. And the bikini is from TRIANGL.






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