Off shoulder season

off shoulder top biljana pupovacoff shoulder top biljana pupovacoff the shoulder biljana pupovacoff the shoulder biljana pupovac off the shoulder biljana pupovacoff the shoulder biljana pupovac


After three weeks of being on holiday it is nice to be back home. But much better were the packages that were waiting for me in my bedroom.

When I get new items I can’t wait to wear them and share them with you. I got so much packages in the three weeks I was away from home. My mom had them all laid out on my bed. When I came home from the airport I could’t wait to unpack the boxes.I always feel like a little child when I’m opening them.

This cute off the shoulder top that I’m wearing is from Loavies  and I especially love the back. The opening is so sexy in combination with the bare shoulders. I think that a woman’s shoulders are the sexiest part of the body, so I like showing them off. Because the top is so sexy I have chosen to combine it with these Zara mom jeans to make this outfit more casual. The red lace up heels I received from an amazing shoe webshop from the UK called 4th & Reckless. They got the prettiest and most fashionable shoes. And the best of all; they are around 40 euro!



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