Yucee Instant Spraytan

Hi babes,

When you live in Holland like me you don’t get that much sun. Like most of you I’m busy with school, work and social life. So I barely have time to sunbathe, except when I go on vacation.

But I can say I’m lucky that I have a Mediterranean skin, so my skin isn’t that white and tans very fast. Except my face. My face is very pale and it needs a lot more sun that my body to get a little bit of tan.

But I found the perfect product to solve this problem. It’s called Yucee Instand Spraytan. It gives you a beautiful natural tan, instead of a fake orange glow you normally get after a spray tan.

Just follow the 10 steps of Yucee for a tan that lasts for about 5 days after 1 usage

  1. First you have to cleanse your skin and make sure it is clean, dry and scored.
  2. For a better result you need to scrub your skin (with the white side of the glove) before spaying.
  3. Shake the spraycan well before using.
  4. Keep a distance of circa 30 cm.
  5. Apply the spray with constant flowing movements (you can aslo spray equaly on the brown side of the glove, then apply it softly and equaly on your skin).
  6.  When spraying the whole body, work from top to bottom.
  7. Allow the spray to dry for about 10 minutes.
  8. You can speed up the drying process using a hair dryer.
  9. To get a darker tan you can repeat the treat after a minimum of 15 min.
  10. No shower or bath within 5 hours after treatment for the best result.


Try it out! Use code: biljanapupovac for free delivery and you will also receive the application glove for free!

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