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Hello Foodies,

A few days ago I went to Wagamama in Amsterdam for dinner. I was invited to pre- taste the food and drinks before the opening of the new restaurant in Rotterdam that has opened on the 8th of august.

First we had some little side dishes and fresh juices. It all tasted so good and fresh that I could’t wait to order the main dish. I had noodles with chicken and prawns, because I am bad in making decisions choose and I like both so much. The great thing about Wagamama is that you can put together your own dish.

There are a lot of options you can choose between. Like what kind of noodles you want and which meat you prefer. My boyfriend had a delicious soup with chicken and vegetables. All food is served in Asian styled bowls and plates for the ultimate oriental feeling. Our hostess was also very nice and helped us to make decisions by telling us every detail of the dish. For dessert I had the best chocolate fudge cake ever with a scoop vanilla ice cream.

You should definitely stop by one of the restaurants if you’re in Amsterdam.

xoxo Biljana

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